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At Fouke Water Supply Corporation, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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Please contact our office if your phone number has recently changed. Keeping your contact information up to date, ensures we are able to reach you.  Also, remember to update your phone number on the alert reporting.

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Fouke Water Supply's regular monthly meeting will be held Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 4:30 pm at Red Dome Smokehouse, Quitman, TX. For further information, please click here.......


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February 23, 2021

On February 18, 2021, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) required the Fouke Water Supply Corporation, PSC 2500016, to issue a Boil Water Notice to inform customers, individuals, or employees that due to conditions which occurred recently in the public water system, the water was required to be boiled prior to us for drinking water or human consumption purposes.

Our system has taken the necessary corrective actions to restore adequate pressure, disinfectant levels, and /or bacteriological quality and has provided TCEQ with testing results that indicate that the water no longer requires boiling as of 02/23/2021.

If you have questions, contact Kristi Hirsch at 903-967-3304.

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Are you Drinking Enough Water This Winter?

Are you Drinking Enough Water This Winter?

February 01, 2021

Chapped lips? Dry skin? Headaches? Nosebleeds? Dry cough? Fatigue?

These are all signs that you might not be getting enough water this winter. In the summer, when you’re hot and sweaty, your body keeps reminding you that you’re thirsty and NEED water. But in the winter, when you’re cold and shivering, it’s all-too-easy to neglect hydration... 

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